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Society has been given an off-switch. Earth has been invaded by a mysterious alien race. “Like Them” is an 8-part sci-fi web series about one man’s determination and an alien race that turns off all technology on Earth. The series follows The Hero. A man who is focused on obtaining stories and misfortunes of other travelers that happen upon his door step for the purpose of creating his own memoirs of the invasion. Throughout the series, The Hero, who appears to be a survivalist with a trick up his sleeve, sets traps while being trapped throughout the story. Is it paranoia? Or is it perseverance? The Hero, makes difficult decisions that may end up costing him.

Like Them is an 8-part hour long sci-fi thriller. Written and directed by Brent Kappel, Like Them takes you into the life of a survivalist living through a post-apocalyptic alien invasion. The survivalist, known as “The Hero” is a high-strung man who is looking for the perfect candidate to interview so that he can publish others experiences and misfortunes that happened during the apocalypse. The Hero becomes desensitized to the world around him as if he has found his purpose in life. However, there are those who pose as threats to The Hero and his work.