Brent Kappel

Brent Kappel is a first time director having completed the series Like Them. He has a BA from Columbia College Chicago with a concentration in cinematography. Brent has worked in the camera department on IFC original films (Contracted Phase 2, Dementia), and various other productions both big and small. While primarily on the production side of things, he’s also had a featured extra roll in Jurassic World, as well as 2017’s Logan. His script Sandmen was a finalist at 2013’s Screemfest film festival, and his short Happy Anniversary was a winner of Home Run Inn’s 2011 film fest.


Doug Herzog

Doug Herzog is an executive producer at Happy Kamper Picutures. He has a Bachelors degree in marketing and entrepreneurship from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Doug’s passion for filmmaking came to him when he earned a top 100 spot on tv’s Master Chef. Despite not being a main contestant, he had seen enough of what happens behind the scenes to have an instant attraction to production work. Doug and Brent have been friends since childhood and are now collaborating to create Happy Kamper Pictures LLC. The friends have high hopes for the future direction of film and hope to be top contributors in the industry.

THE Protagonist

Played by: Nathaniel Weiss

A born adventurer, Nathaniel Weiss grew up in the small, woodland, town of Leverett Massachusetts. He began acting in high-school plays & community Shakespeare Theater before attending Occidental College in Los Angeles where he studied theater; performing in many one-act & full-length plays.  After graduating, Weiss remained in LA for 6 years acting in feature films (On Falling, The Conspiracy Connection), shorts (Hughes the Force, Criminalés), web-series (Red Scare, Like Them) & plays (Frankenstein, The Chronicles of Narnia). Weiss recently finished the first of a 2-year graduate acting program at Harvard University’s American Repertory Theater. He spent the final 3 months of his first year studying in Russia at the prestigious Moscow Art Theater School (MXAT) where he performed in Brecht’s The Great Capitulation and Chekhov’s The Seagull.  Weiss has made it onto the big screen, into film festivals, & performed in beautiful theaters including the historic – 1,700 seat – California Theater of Performing Arts…& he’s just getting started.  When he is not acting, Weiss enjoys spending time with a good book or television show, playing sports, exploring the great outdoors, & traveling the world.  He will spend the next year finishing his graduate program at Harvard before returning to the thrilling adventure that is professional acting.

The Alien

Played by: Glen Everitte

Glen Everitte grew up an only child in a military family outside of Tampa, Florida. Going to the movies as a child was a fantastic escape and soon, Glen would fall victim to the Siren’s song of stage and silver screen. From and early age, Glen has followed his dream of acting by performing for stage and screen, as well as earning a degree in Theatre Studies. Glen lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their two children, where dreams really do come true!

The Cowboy

Played by: Heath McGough

Heath McGough is an actor, writer, and comedian who resides in Los Angeles, California. Heath grew up in Oklahoma as a trouble making preacher’s kid. Heath still considers himself “just a big ol’ country boy”. His 6’4″ 280 lb. frame might appear intimidating but anyone who knows him will tell you, he is just a lovable teddy bear. Heath can often be seen doing stand up all over LA, showing off his improv skills at Second City Hollywood, writing comedy with his wife Kim, or watching cartoons with his 4 year old son Leeum. Heath’s credits include guest appearances on TV shows such as Criminal Minds, The Last Ship, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, Rosewood, and Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers. You will soon see him on the big screen in the upcoming movie “Please Stand By” alongside star Dakota Fanning, as well as the soon to be released Lake Bell film “What’s the Point?”.


Played by: Jeff Bratz

Jeff Bratz is a theatre veteran transplanted in LA. His recent credits include Tomorrow, Sins of Identity, The Jeff Show, and My Crazy Ex. He has appeared as a Top-15 contestant on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and as the commercial spokesman for that bohemian SUV/tent: the Pontiac Aztec.  He currently performs with rock band RaDIUM and 80s rock band 8IGHTY 6IXX.