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What a mind bender! “Like Them” will keep you guessing. It’s a cross between X-files and Walking Dead with a captivating story that will change the way we think about humankind and so called…“civilization”. Are we the victims or villains?Alison Travers
The series is a mind bending journey into a bleak landscape of humanity as it’s forced to examine right from wrong in the struggle for survival..Exactly who is the enemy? The so called aliens or ourselves?Jon Marie Mack, Actress and Founder of Defending the Endangered

Here’s a link to a story about how all this came together. It was published by the Mokena Messenger for any of our hometown friends following the page. 

Brent Kappel and Doug Herzog’s paths diverged slightly after they graduated from Lincoln-Way East in 2009, with Kappel going to Columbia College Chicago to study film and video, and Herzog heading off to Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to study marketing and entrepreneurship…Read MoreTim Carroll, Editor of Mokena Messenger